Grotto Descanso


Ancient dwelling for the well-deserved retirement of one of our fellow countryman, who emigrated to South America in his youth, was called Descanso from the Spanish "rest."

Formerly it became a meeting point between friends and of course, continued his history as a convivial place to appreciate the domestic food of Ticino.

From 2013 we fished out the purest traditions of the local cuisine in order to give the opportunity to citizens and tourists enjoyng wine and food cuisine at popular prices of our grandparents.

You will be able to taste and take away meats, cheeses, wines and typical products of Ticino.

Located in the beautiful surroundings of the Cantine di Gandria, Grotto Descanso is located in a relaxed and friendly environment, just fifteen minutes from the center of Lugano, away from the Hectic life and Hot Summer days.

Grotto Descanso welcomes its guests in the large panoramic terrace from wich you can admirate a beautiful view of the lake in total relaxation.

Under the pretty pergola with the characteristic tables of stone, you can enjoy wine tasting served in traditional Tazzini.

The grotto Descanso offers typical food associated with the tradition of the territory with a tasting menu or tourist menu always characterized by homegrown food and seasonal produce.

Special opening event, the grotto is accessible only by boat and offers the service of taxi boat on request.


  • Maggio: from Thursday to Sunday
  • June and september: from Wednesday to Sunday
  • July and August: 7 days 7
  • Openings for special events


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