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The museum dedicated to Wilhelm Schmid (1892 – 1971), located in the charming village of Brè, is situated in the house where the painter used to live.

Schmid was a prominent figure in the artistic movements characterizing Berlin in the early 1900s. One of the founders of the Novembergruppe in 1918, the artist is considered the foremost Swiss representative of the New Objectivity and Northern European Magical Realism. In 1937, after his work was deemed degenerate by the Nazis, he returned to Switzerland and settled permanently in Brè, where he lived in seclusion until 1971. Following a testamentary provision by his wife Maria, their residence in Brè and over a thousand paintings and drawings became the property of the City of Lugano.

The museum's exhibition, entirely reimagined in 2021 for the 50th anniversary of the painter's death, chronicles the key moments in Schmid's artistic evolution. It includes a selection of paintings, architectural projects, ceramics, photographs, as well as some furniture and murals created by the artist. The collection constitutes the most extensive and qualitatively prestigious body of work from his career.

The permanent exhibition is complemented by thematic displays annually set up on the museum's top floor, exploring various aspects of the Aargau artist's oeuvre. This year's focus is on Wilhelm Schmid's architectural activity, one of the most intriguing yet understudied aspects of his work. The exhibition showcases different moments in the artist's architectural endeavours, providing an opportunity to admire a selection of his most interesting projects, including some unpublished ones.


  • Outside the period and times indicated, the museum can be visited by appointment. For further information, please call +41 58 866 42 93


Friday: 14:00 – 17:00
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