Nevercrew: Boundary bars


Boundary bars

Nevercrew’s artistic vision was mostly developed abroad, within the framework of urban art, through the creation of murals, installations and sculptures.

Their work chiefly sets out to analyse the relationship between man and nature; they’re particularly interested in the effects of human contact on the environment, on animals and on society as a whole which is interpreted holistically as a single interconnected system. Their work, “Boundary bars,” adapts to the object on which it is painted: lowered window shutters overlooking the river. The rectangular space thus becomes an opening towards a hypothetical cage or outward, towards the city and nature. The horizontal lines of the shutters, strongly conditioning our perception of the image, allude therefore to bars, even though they haven’t actually been painted. Though invisible, the bars are as real as the shutters which generate them and which conceal the window. They keep a distance between the two environments, foolishly dividing them, estranging mankind from nature as well as from his very essence.

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