Palazzo Gargantini


The prestigious building on the lakeshore is called Palazzo Gargantini.

After making his fortune in Argentina, Gerolamo Battista Gargantini returned to Ticino and in 1911, became one of the main shareholders of Lugano’s tobacco factory. Between 1911 and 1913 he had architect Bordonzotti build his residence in the city, Villa Florida. Afterwards, between 1912 and 1933, he commissioned architects Bongi and Bordonzotti the Gargantini palaces’ small area of civil houses, on the lakeshore.

The prestigious building Palazzo Gargantini was built by his son Gerolamo, Giovan Battista Gargantini in 1927, based on a plan by the same architects.

Consisting of six floors, it was restored in 1993 upon a plan by architect Balestra. In its makeover, the last floor was restored to its current state and hosts luxury apartments. In 2003 the building was renovated further.

Palazzo Gargantini hosts several businesses, it offers a unique view of the lake and is two minutes away from Piazza Riforma where Lugano’s Town Hall is located.

Via Guglielmo Marconi 2, 6900 Lugano
+41 91 924 07 85

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