Sustainability Project: inticino enhances the local activities


Since its inception, inticino has laid its conceptual foundations on the triangle of sustainability, i.e. taking into account social, economic and environmental concerns.

Social sustainability

At the social level, it tries to preserve the uniqueness of the activities on offer, maintaining customs and traditions wherever possible. Thanks to inticino, small local producers and entrepreneurs have the possibility to promote their activity through workshops or interactive experiences, thus generating interest and attention to their product also in economic terms. All inticino activities do not involve the use of polluting materials and are carried out in 90% of cases in a natural environment.

Sustainable initiatives

Inticino promotes sustainable initiatives by seeking the "WOW" effect in each of its activities, achieving positive feedback from its participants. For example, at Lido di Lugano inticino offers yoga sessions on the beach in a maritime atmosphere, and at Comano a visit to an apiary allows you to have close contact with the bees and taste the honey of beekeeper Oreste. At the Gelatiamo ice-cream parlour in Savosa, visitors learn about the ingredients and production processes. Just a stone's throw away, guests particularly appreciate the fact that they can carry out activities in natural surroundings and see the local impact on small producers.

The future

Inticino intends to continue its "Swisstainable" journey to ensure local and sustainable activities. Inticino always welcomes with great interest new proposals for collaboration with local entrepreneurs. The virtually zero negative impact on the environment of the experiences offered remains a cornerstone of inticino's activity.

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