Tenuta San Giorgio

Cassina d'Agno


Tenuta San Giorgio is synonymous with artisanship, dedication, technical expertise and passion. The estate overlooks the Gulf of Agno with its 7 hektares. Its small team is always on the go, aware of the latest innovations, cognizant of the special features of each vineyard, and knows how to handle the vagaries of nature and the unique character of each vine. Being in constant contact with other winegrowers is part of our philosophy, as is our unshakable commitment to obtaining the best grapes possible. The meticulous, all-natural cultivation of the vineyard, the care given the vintage-quality grapes, the work in the wine cellar that reflects both a respect for tradition and the desire to experiment while keeping intervention to the bare minimum required for producing the wine... All this translates into a limited selection of genuine wines of extraordinary quality.

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