The Olive Park


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Walk along the enchanting Olive-tree trail and you'll reach this typically Mediterranean park; it creates an appealing contrast with the splendid views of the lake and the mountains all around.

This fine terraced park lies on the slopes of Monte Brè and occupies around 20,000 m². Its paths and steep flights of stairs meander through groves of olives trees, cypresses, laurels and myrtles: all of them are typical of the Mediterranean woodlands and have become well acclimatised in Lugano thanks to its mild climate. Walking along the hill is highly enjoyable. You can find the vineyards of the Municipality of Lugano where 2400 Merlot vines were planted. Following the olive and flowers paths you reach Castagnola, where you can enjoy splendid views over Lake Lugano and the mountains.

The terrace in the park, facing directly south and covered by lush natural vegetation, are particularly favourable for olive trees, bushes and perennials which thrive in dry and hot, very sunny areas. The park is accessible through the Olive Trail, which winds its way for approximately 2 km between Gandria and Castagnola, through an area of rare natural beauty where ancient olive groves coexist with recently planted trees.

Along the route there are 18 information boards providing details about the history and preservation of olive trees; there are also many centennial trees such as the famous “Carlin Olive tree” at Gandria pier, which overlooks the lake with its 10 m of height.

Strada di Gandria , 6976 Castagnola

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