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In 1967, the farm was founded with his father Lorenzo with horticulture, cows, tobacco and viticulture, towards the end of the 80s he remained with only viticulture and specialized more and more in the sector, abandoning the rest planting new vineyards located in Coldrerio of about 3 hectares. In those years all the production of grapes was sold to the winery and other winemakers in the area. The winery was founded in 1992 with Enrico's first vinification with 300 bottles for his own use, Enrico takes passion and in the following year increases the production to a thousand bottles between red and rosato.
In those years, working at the railways as a driver and having shift schedules and often working on Saturdays and Sundays, the days off were during the week. Using the free time for vinification as a self-taught and hobbyist, the passion for the world of wine grew more and more, the wines produced were appreciated by friends and acquaintances and gradually in the following years the production of wine increased.
In 1998 with the wines "Bianc da Culdrèe" Campagnola rose and Coldrerio red, in the competition Frà Corrado open to all professionals and do not win the first place in all categories with the 96 vintages. In 1997 the first experience with barriques with the birth of Culdrèe and Tera Creda very structured wines given the ideal terroir, this first vintage of Culdrèe, 2 years later is mentioned by the specialized magazine Vinum as the best wine of Ticino.
From 1999 to today 2006 on 10 reserved seats you have the best wines of Ticino the Vitivinicola Trapletti has always been present on the guide Hachette, a sign of constant quality in all its wines from Culdrèe to Tera Creda and also from the new born Gaìo. In 2003 he decided to leave his profession as a driver and become a professional with the management of the bar-restaurant Ideal and the vinification of increasingly sought after wines.
On October 21, 2004, at the final of the first Swiss wine competition, on more than 3200 wines from all over the Confederation, the 2000 vintage Culdrèe was awarded first place overall as the best Swiss single-varietal red wine. In 2005, the new born Gaìo, "a fancy name for funny sympathetic cheerful, etc., with an accent on graphic visual purposes", took a silver medal out of 18 at his disposal at the 2005 Swiss Wine Competition.
In 2006, at the Swiss wine competition, the Culdrèe 2004 received a gold medal (6 gold medals throughout Switzerland) and a silver medal with the red TRAPLETTI 2005 The Wine Estate is focusing on two newborns, Gaìo simple, soft and pleasant wine with an excellent price-quality ratio and on the red TRAPLETTI born for a personal bet in wanting to produce a great fine wine, soft, fruity, but structured and long-lived, without the use of barriques or wood, to best express our terroir and the typicality of our great Merlot without the external contribution of tastes and scents brought by wood that have very little typicality, practically using the same grapes of Culdrèe and with targeted selections in vineyards (red Trapletti = culdrèe without the barrique)

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