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Art Galleries


[dip] Contemporary Art

[dip] is a newborn contemporary art gallery Located in Lugano, opened in October 2016.


Art on paper

Dealing in ancient and modern books and photos, the gallery periodically prepares shows on contemporary art and photography.



Independent exhibition space for contemporary art.


Atelier Futurarte

FuturArte is a drawing and painting school with a welcoming, harmonious atmosphere for children and adults.


Buchmann Galerie, Agra

The Buchmann Gallery presents international contemporary art with special emphasis on sculpture.


Buchmann Galerie, Lugano

The space is considered a reference point in the city of Buchmann Galerie, Agra.


Butterfly Institute Fine Art

Butterfly Institute Fine Art promotes cultural and commercial activities and provides advisory services for a wide range of topics related to Swiss and Italian masters of ‘800 and the first years of ‘900.


Casa d'Aste di Adriano Marchetti

Auction of antiquity objects.


Casa Monsignor Celestino Trezzini

The Casa Monsignor Celestino Trezzini restored in 2017 exposes ceramics of Patrizia Balmelli and paintings of Edgardo Ratti.


Centro d'Arte il Tarlo

The centre deals in the promotion of contemporary art, of graphic art, artistic sculptures, exhibitions and the promotion of all other sorts of artistic activity.


Choisi - one at a time

Choisi is a bookstore specialized in contemporary artist’s books, photo books, self-publishing, independent publishers, editions, signed and rare books.


Cortesi Gallery

Cortesi Gallery is a gallery dedicated to contemporary art with the aim of becoming a meeting point for collectors, scholars and enthusiasts.


De Primi Fine Art

De Primi Fine Art SA is a Swiss art gallery operating on international markets purchasing and selling ancient and modern art works and photography.


Doppia V

The art gallery was opened in 2002 and wants to be a space open of young new artistic talents.


ERA - Fine Art Ancient Art Design

ERA is born out of a love of fine things.


Five Gallery

Five Gallery was conceived and founded by Igor Rucci and it has been operating in the Contemporary Art scene since 2013. It is located in an elegant historic apartment in the historical center of Lugano.

Ponte Tresa

Galleria Alter Ego

The Galleria Alter Ego offers exhibitions of contemporary art, alternating well-known with young emerging artists.


Galleria Canesso Lugano

The Canesso Gallery is specialised in Italian Old Masters paintings from the XIVth to the XVIIIth centuries. It is a reference point for art collectors as well as for art passionates.


Galleria Daldiniana

The Daldiniana Gallery located in Vezia’s ancient town centre promotes exhibits by experienced and affirmed Swiss artists, who have chosen Ticino for their inspiration and cultural training.


Galleria Daniele Agostini

Galleria Daniele Agostini is specialized in contemporary art.


Galleria Monica De Cardenas

The gallery, Galleria Monica De Cardenas, focuses on international contemporary art.


Galleria Poma

This gallery provides a permanant display of the works of the major Ticinese and foreign artists: Afro, Guttuso, Morlotti, Dova, Dobrzanski, Crippa, Baj, Dorazio, Rognoni, Marconi, Sutherland.


Galleria Santa Maria

A gallery with the visual arts' exhibition of its owners. They also organize collective exhibitions with local and non-local artists.


Heillandi Gallery

The gallery is specialized in contemporary photography, offering pieces of art from international photographers with the aim to guide the photograph collector.


Il Raggio c/o Atelier la Cornice SA

"Il raggio" art gallery is an exhibition space located inside the frame shop "La cornice" in Lugano. We organise both contemporary artists' exhibitions and thematic exhibitions. The entry is free and it is open to everyone.



The gallery offers contemporary and modern Italian and international art.


Kromya Art Gallery

The Kromya Art Gallery inaugurated its headquarters in Lugano in May 2018 with the intention of extending the concept of exhibition space into a veritable city lounge.


La Colomba

This elegant and rather discreet villa provides an ideal showcase for exhibitions, whether these be paintings or sculptures.


Little Nemo Lugano Art & Co.Mix Gallery

Little Nemo Lugano Art & Co.Mix Gallery - in Lugano - offers its customers all the best about cartoons, in every possible aspect.


Nellimya: light art exhibition

This gallery proposes monthly and weekly theme exhibitions, cultural appointments and side events.



Its aims at presenting a limited amount of works of internationally known artists, backed by vast historical, critical and informative support


Photographica FineArt Gallery

Photographica FineArt is a Marco Antonetto’s project, creating an exhibition space dedicated exclusively to the photographic image as means of artistic expression.


Primae Noctis Art

Contemporary art gallery; exhibition space for art that aims to overcome the boundaries between East and West by presenting the most interesting artists on the international scene.


Sestante Galleria d'Arte

Silvia Rissone Gatti, the owner of the gallery, by continuing to organize meaningful art exhibitions wants to underscore the espressive skills of artists she presents.



A creative lab aimed mainly at professionals, self-employed, students who work in the cultural and art sector.


Studio Dabbeni

The Dabbeni Contemporary Art Studio was founded in 1979. Its main activity is the presentation of contemporary artists.


Studio d'Arte Bianchini Massoni

The Studio d'Arte Bianchini Massoni, managed by Lorenzo Bianchini Massoni, handles the sale, purchase and the fair and current value assessment of artistic works of all kinds.


TAG TheArtGallery

TAG TheArtGallery is a new exhibition space for photography, modern and contemporary art.


Zellweger arte contemporanea

Zellweger arte contemporanea specialized in contemporary and modern Art.