Art Galleries


[dip] Contemporary Art

[dip] is a newborn contemporary art gallery Located in Lugano, opened in October 2016.


Art on paper

Dealing in ancient and modern books and photos, the gallery periodically prepares shows on contemporary art and photography.



Independent exhibition space for contemporary art.


Artphilein Library, FOCUS and Bookstore

Artphilein Library, FOCUS and Bookstore carry out activities involving photography and the photographic book.


Atelier Futurarte

FuturArte is a drawing and painting school with a welcoming, harmonious atmosphere for children and adults.


Buchmann Galerie

Buchmann Galerie was founded in 1975 by Elena and Felix Buchmann, St.Gallen, Switzerland began representing, in the first years, Swiss artists such as Dieter Roth). In 1995, André Buchmann founded the Buchmann Galerie, Germany, where it still stands today in the center of Berlin, since 2005.


Butterfly Institute Fine Art

Butterfly Institute Fine Art promotes cultural and commercial activities and provides advisory services for a wide range of topics related to Swiss and Italian masters of ‘800 and the first years of ‘900.


Casa d'Aste di Adriano Marchetti

Auction of antiquity objects.


Casa Monsignor Celestino Trezzini

The Casa Monsignor Celestino Trezzini restored in 2017 exposes ceramics of Patrizia Balmelli and paintings of Edgardo Ratti.


Centro d'Arte il Tarlo

The centre deals in the promotion of contemporary art, of graphic art, artistic sculptures, exhibitions and the promotion of all other sorts of artistic activity.


Cortesi Gallery

Cortesi Gallery is a gallery dedicated to contemporary art with the aim of becoming a meeting point for collectors, scholars and enthusiasts.


Doppia V

The art gallery was opened in 2002 and wants to be a space open of young new artistic talents.


Fafa Fine Art Gallery

The Fafa Fine Art Gallery specializes in the sale of works of modern art.


Folini Arte Contemporanea

The Folini Arte Contemporanea gallery has been operating in the Canton of Ticino for over twenty years.

Ponte Tresa

Galleria Alter Ego

The Galleria Alter Ego offers exhibitions of contemporary art, alternating well-known with young emerging artists.


Galleria Daldiniana

The Daldiniana Gallery located in Vezia’s ancient town centre promotes exhibits by experienced and affirmed Swiss artists, who have chosen Ticino for their inspiration and cultural training.


Galleria Daniele Agostini

Galleria Daniele Agostini is specialized in contemporary art.

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