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Sato Code - Escape room across Lugano

Lugano as you’ve never seen before! Sato Code is a real-life game, an experience without boundaries. Like an escape room, you’ll search for clues, solve puzzles and test yourself with different challenges. But with Sato Code, you’re not confined to the indoors: the trail leads you through the city’s old town to discover an all new side of Lugano.

From the back entrance of a church, to a contemporary art gallery window, the clues could be everywhere. The virtual and real worlds blend: you won’t know what is authentic and what is merely part of the game anymore! The challenges become more complex with every step as it leads you through charming alleyways. Make it all the way through and enjoy the satisfaction of victory and of trying something unique in Ticino: Lugano will never be the same again! You can start at any time, day or night. Just reach the starting point in Piazza Riforma, open the Sato Code App and get ready for the most exciting hour of your holiday with friends or family. Love “The Da Vinci Code”? Just wait until you try Sato Code!


  • Play anytime, any day
  • Tickets on, no need to reserve in advance
  • Minimum 2 people, 1 smartphone each player
  • Internet required on every phone, use a hotspot if just one has internet connection

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    Sato Code
    Piazza Riforma
    6900 Lugano

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    Open all year
    Open all days