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Moto Tours

Alpine passes (San Bernardino-Lucomagno)

Head for heights? This is the route for you!

Arbòstora and Collina d'oro

Set out for an adventure in the hills of Arbòstora.


Lakes (Ceresio-Lario)

This short route is ideal for a whole day out among splendid medium-sized towns and along the fronts of two magnificent lakes: the Ceresio and the Lario.



This route covers 54 km around the hills of Malcantone, taking in villages where time seems to stand still and magnificent views over Lake Lugano.



Ready for Valcolla, the highest and wildest point around the city?

Valli (Verzasca – Vallemaggia – Lavizzara – Bavona – Rovana)

A day trip so visitors can fully enjoy the charm of these steephead valleys that offer two sides of the same coin with two different spectacular perspectives on the way out and the way back.