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Wine cellars and breweries


Azienda Vitivinicola Miriam Hermann Gaudio

Family business where the soil of each vineyard benefits from the greatest care. Flora and fauna are strictly respected. You are very welcome for a wine tasting. They personnally grow and vinify all their grapes. They offer you a choice of Merlot or Pinot noir, as well as sparkling wine made out of “Uva americana”, white wines or “Rosés”, “grappa” and “nocino”. They can also organize a private wine tasting for you.


Bottega del Vino Gabbani

The product offering includes the constant search for quality accompanied by the professional courtesy of our staff. The modern conception of the ancient is the new business that would like to accompany all our guests.


Broken City Brewing

Located in the district of Davesco - Soragno (city of Lugano), since 2016 the Broken City Brewing Co. has as mission to break down the mega-breweries culture, by shocking your tastes and taking you into the new world of craft beers.


Cantina Blass

We are a small family run business in Astano. Our high quality wines are only produced from our own grapes and are vinificated and botteled in our own cellar.


Cantina Christian Zündel


Cantina Daniel Huber

In Monteggio, Switzerland, in the middle of the Tresa River valley, lie the vineyards and winery of HuberVini. The winery itself is located in a group of 17th century Malcantonese buildings.


Cantina Kopp von der Crone Visini

The Kopp von der Crone Visini Winecellar was created in 2006. It is the result of the merger of the Kopp von der Crone company (founded in 1994 by Ueli Kopp and Anna Barbara von der Crone) and ViniVisini (founded in 1997 by Paolo Visini) who had been collaborating intensely ever since 2002.


Cantine Monti

Sergio Monti founded Cantina Monti in 1972, starting from an abandoned ruin in the “Ronchi di Cademario”, growing the first grapewines in extremely steep slopes.


Cantine Riva Morcote

Vibrant wine company, managed by Patrick Ballabio and Adrien Stevens. Cantine Riva Morcote is situated in the historic area of Morcote, known for its wine cellars, and encompasses a total of 7 hectares of vineyards in Castel San Pietro, Breganzona, San Vittore and Lugano.


Fattoria Moncucchetto

In the middle of Lugano, but far from the hectic traffic, there is the spectacular Winery built by Architect Mario Botta in 2009, rich with history but also with a creative outlook towards the future.


Figli Fu A. Daldini

Daldini-Vini, founded by Giacomo Daldini in 1884 is the full expression (with its productive choices) of the two faces of the Ticinese region: the traditional one, connected to the land and the industrious and innovative one, connected to the sunny northern Mediterranean.

Ponte Cremenaga

Gautschi Vini "Il Roncacciolo"

Gautschi Vini is a small business that works in the field of vinification, producing both territorial and unblended wines such as Merlot, Nebbiolo, and Viognier.


Il Forziere del vino

A space for your private event marked by fine wine and the discovery of local and international labels. Simone Ragusa, former winner of Switzerland's Best Sommelier, is the face that will welcome you in this small and intimate treasure chest, which contains over 500 different labels in a magical atmosphere.


Laboratorio Birrario Ticinese

A brewfirm born in 2017 that currently produces two types of beers: L'Avvelenata, an "almost IPA", and Scirocco, a belgian amber ale with mandarin and pepper flavored from the Maggia valley.


Officina della Birra

Officina della Birra SA opened as a restaurant and brewery in 1999, bringing to light the world of crafted beer in Ticino.


Poggio del Cinghiale

Francesco and Paola Franchini’s company produces top quality wines, with Ticinese grapes coming from the vineyards on the sunny hills of Castelrotto in Malcantone and from Lamone, in the Vedeggio Valley.


Tamborini Carlo SA

In 2012 Claudio Tamborini received the prestigious title of "Winemaker of the Year". A pioneer of quality, he made a decisive contribution to shaping the Ticino "wine prodigy".


Tenuta Arca Rubra

The Tenuta Arca Rubra of Matteo Huber is a master Wine producer in the region of Montagnola.

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