The Olive Grove Trail

Nature Trail

The “Sentiero dell'olivo" (olive grove trail) is a panoramic walk that is unique in the canton of Ticino for several reasons. It runs between Castagnola and Gandria and has always been the object of protection and attention by associations active in landscape protection.

Starting with visible and unique signs along the route, a number of points of interest have been marked. The descriptions concern historical, artistic, natural or archaeological topics visible in the area. Beginning with the theme of olive growing, which gives the trail its name, certain stages in the history of the region are shared, the particular geological morphology of the area, or characteristic elements such as the re-use of parts of cupola boulders from the protohistoric period in the Gandria settlement.

The texts are edited by the Cultural Division of the City of Lugano.

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  • Height Difference

    Ascent: 100 m
    Descent: 101 m
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  • Durata

    1.5 h

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