Le Bucce Restaurant in Gandria


Le Bucce Restaurant in Gandria has indirectly addressed the issue of sustainability by trying to propose local, zero-km products, both to benefit the local economy and to reduce the carbon footprint. For example, serving only fish caught in Lake Ceresio, salmon bred in Graubünden and cured meats and cheeses mainly from Ticino or Graubünden. Seasonality and cooking style are also two very important points. Efforts are made to offer seasonal fruits and vegetables, so as to ensure quality and taste and avoid long transport of goods. The restaurant focuses a lot on slow cooking, which includes cooking at a low temperature, vacuum cooking and immersion cooking, in insulated tanks at a controlled temperature, thus reducing the consumption of electricity.

Social sustainability

In general, the use of zero-km and seasonal products are two aspects that are highly appreciated by customers. The new 6-course tasting menu, which allows further reducing the impact of our dishes with only two meat or fish courses, is receiving positive feedback.

The future

In the near future, the intention is to integrate even more local products into the dishes on the menu. In addition, there is also the idea of installing a photovoltaic system.

Via Cantonale, 6978 Gandria
+41 91 225 88 33
+41 76 563 57 31

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