The new Label of Switzerland Tourism, resulting from the combination of the words "Swiss" and "Sustainable" and was created as part of the new tourism strategy, the main objective of which is to make Switzerland the most sustainable destination in the world.

The Swisstainable programme is aimed at all the players in the national tourism sector and allows them to obtain a certification from 1 to 3 according to their level. Level 1 partners have signed a declaration of commitment to sustainability while level 2 partners already have official certifications covering at least one of the three pillars of sustainability: environment, economy and society. Both levels require partners to identify practical measures to be implemented in order to improve their performance in the field of sustainability. Finally, Level 3 partners already have official certifications covering all three pillars of sustainability. The Swisstainable label is used to recognise partners who are committed to sustainability and, thanks to the Swisstainable Experience Shop, it is possible to book unforgettable experiences!

Thanks to its commitment, Lugano Region obtained the Swisstainable label, level 1 - committed. An important first step towards an increasingly sustainable future.