• Summer Jamboree on the Lake Lugano

Summer Jamboree on the Lake!

09 - 12 June 2022
Centro città, Lugano


All day

The music and culture of 40s and 50s America. International festival.

4 days of free concerts with spectacular international artists that continue to keep Rock’n’Roll alive and kicking in all its musical guises: R’n’R, Swing, Country, Rockabilly, Rhythm’n’Blues, Hillbilly, Doo-Wop, Western Swing.

1 Burlesque and Cabaret show. Hours of music and social dance in the evocative setting of the centre of Lugano and along its iconic lake courtesy of an incredible selection of specialist DJs from all around the world.

Vintage Market: 20th Century antiques and memorabilia, vintage and repro clothes, shoes, accessories, and paraphernalia. Top quality street food. Free dance lessons to learn all you need to know to take your first steps onto the dance floor and into the world of swing.

American Classic Car Cruise & Car Park for pre-1969 American automobiles. After-parties to carry on dancing all night long. During the festival there will also be the Summer Jamboree on the Lake Dance Camp – a full-on immersion into the dances that originate from the swing and rock’n’roll eras with some of the best professional dances the world has to offer.

Rock’n’roll Is A State Of The Soul
Original photographs of the Summer Jamboree

Immersive exhibition

  • Lugano 2 – 19 June 2022 Villa Ciani

Rock’n’roll Is A State Of The Soul presents a selection of unforgettable images that through the eyes of the Summer Jamboree festival, portray the very essence rock and roll, past, present, and future; A state of the soul. A conscious state of love and sharing. Rock and roll represents both the first historical interracial phenomenon, and a cultural revolution that is still full of meaning today.

In the prestigious setting of Villa Ciani in Lugano from 2nd May to 19th June: 300 photographs and an Immersive Room to transport you into the spirit and culture of rock’n’roll in the broadest and most authentic sense of the term.

Original photographs, images of vintage fashion and streetstyle, burlesque, backstage moments, rock’n’roll icons, large-scale prints, video projections.

Featured photographers: Giovanni Cocco (Sulmona - Le Monde, Newsweek, National Geographic), Luca Locatelli (Milan - World Press Photo Environment, National Geographic collaborator, The New York Times Magazine), Pippo Onorati (Rome - photographer, designer, director, journalist, collaborator with Oliviero Toscani for Benetton, Fabrica, and Colors), Amedeo Turello (Montecarlo - Fashion photographer, celebrity portraitist, collector, and curator of exhibitions spanning from the Pirelli Calendar to the most celebrated of international fashion and beauty photography), Guido Calamosca (Senigallia, lives and works in Bologna. Part of the Summer Jamboree’s photographic project for over seven years amassing a unique collection of once-in-a-lifetime images), Graziano Panfili (Rome - exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, recognised by prestigious authorities both nationally and internationally), and many more revered professional photographers that have captured memorable moments of happiness experienced at the Summer Jamboree Festival.


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