At its new rooms in the Piazza Cioccaro 1 in Lugano, the historic deli shop Gabbani presents a new way to enjoy food and wine and to make purchases in a typical Lombard corner of the centre.

Fresh, tasty and flawless fruits and vegetables, typical local cheeses, an exclusive charcuterie, traditional tasting breads and pastries, fine wines: Gabbani is no longer simply a street market, or a provider of established activities such as innovative catering and excellent cuisine, it has now become a covered space that stands out, where taste follows its itinerary and in which the authentic products of highquality traditional regional food that you buy, know and love are coupled with high-quality services and individual advice or a corner cafe and restaurant. While exclusive charcuteries and sought after butchers continue to characterize the Via Pessina, Gabbani has been making this street a symbol of Lugano since 1937.

Ancient knowledge, the careful selection of raw materials, and the friendly management allow the consumer or the guest to feel like the centre of attention and to discover in an informal way all the excellence of gastronomy.



Monday: 08:10 - 18:30
Tuesday: 08:10 - 18:30
Wednesday: 08:10 - 18:30
Thursday: 08:10 - 18:30
Friday: 08:10 - 18:30
Saturday: 08:15 - 17:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 17:00

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