Piazza Cioccaro


The Piazza Cioccaro hosted the nursery school for the second half of the nineteenth century, founded in 1844 in Lugano by Filippo Ciani, which remained in operation until 1892.

The building will then be demolished in 1934, to make way for a new square initially called "del sole", which leads to the Chiattone climb leading to the Cathedral. After the funicular had been commissioned in 1886, the square was called Piazza Funicolare.

He regained the ancient toponym of Cioccaro in 1942. The name Cioccaro has an ancient tradition, resulting in documents attested since the end of the thirteenth century. It recalls the dialectal ciuchée "bell tower", referring here to the bell tower of San Lorenzo, which overlooks the area.

Piazza Cioccaro, 6900 Lugano

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