From Sassalto to fishing and chocolate museum


Lugano – Caslano – Museo della Pesca – Museum & Chocolate Experience Alprose

A boat trip from Lugano to Caslano allows you to appreciate the lake’s beautiful shoreline. For nature lovers, the hike to Monte Sassalto Nature Park will allow you to get familiar with the educational trail dedicated to flora and fauna. To round off your day, visit the Fishing Museum and combine learning with mouth-watering delights at the Museum & Chocolate Experience Alprose.

The ideal program:


  • Boat trip to Caslano
  • Walk to Monte Sassalto
  • Return to Caslano
  • Picnic on the lake


  • Walk and visit to the Museo della Pesca
  • Visit to the Museum & Chocolate Experience Alprose

 Not to be missed

  • Caslano Lido
  • Minigolf in Caslano
  • Zoo al Maglio in Magliaso

6987 Caslano

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