A brunch of parrots and a robin


An artist from Rome and born in 1983, Lucamaleonte is an important exponent of the Italian art scene, active in the world of Street Art since the early 2000s.

Graduated from the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro, he began working on the walls of Rome in particular developing the technique of Stencil. Over the years, the complexity of his works has become more and more articulated: in his work today, he alternates between paintings on walls to those on canvas, freer works to public and private commissions. In Lugano, he has created an imposing painting on the wall located on the double facade of the private building in Via Giacomo Mercoli 2. The work is in keeping with his artistic career: his long-standing research and interest in illustration, on the one hand, and in all that is in some way encyclopaedic, groupable, tidy, systematic and archivable, on the other, are clearly visible. Medieval herbaria and bestiaries in particular have also inspired the artist in the design of the Lugano project: new flora and fauna have sprung up and, while remaining in tune with the characteristics of the place, have invaded the urban space, offering citizens new perspectives.

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