Carte mute – Theatre show



Wednesday: 20:00 – 22:00

"Theatre should only be a meeting between human beings. Everything else serves to confuse', writes Ingmar Bergman. Human beings who experience theatre, whether in the audience or on stage, share their history. The experience of a performance always changes us and we never leave a theatre the same as we entered it. 

This is exactly what happened to Levante and Ponente one spring morning at the Central Market in the Big City. It is the first light of a working day like so many others, yet different. None of the other stalls have been set up and no customers seem to come to them. The square is deserted, as before a storm. Ponente and Levante look at each other with the eyes of those who have known each other all their lives, though they have never seen each other. And to think that they have seen markets in every corner of the globe.

Both have sold glass lamps, saffron and maps. Without ever meeting. The cities, the markets, the experiences they have lived have filled their suitcases and their eyes, but the meeting of their lives is about to give them the most beautiful story.

What if all the cities of the world were nothing more than a market stall?

A production of Il milione

The performance will be followed by an open dialogue with the artists. 

At the end it will be possible to dine on the spot with a risotto.


  • Full price: CHF 25.–
  • Reduced: CHF 20.– (AAC members, BancaStato card, OASI, Under 26, students, FIT card)

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