Ecologia capitalista – Theatre show



Wednesday: 20:00 – 22:00

Did you know that Greenland means green land? That one day Milan will be a sea city? That all the fish in the Atlantic belong to one man? And that bottled water comes mainly from Africa? 

Capitalist Ecology is a play that comes to life from the reflections of a young man, who questions the world around him. In particular, it brings to light what the world was in the past, what it is in the present and above all what it will be in the future. At the centre of the work is current events: the questions the boy asks himself are those of a subject who is aware that the world is changing and that one day we will no longer see it as we do today. All this is translated into big thoughts and fears that disturb the quiet. 

For a concrete, popular theatre. Without rhetoric, goodness and pietism. 

A Dimore Creative production

The performance will be followed by an open dialogue with the artists. 

At the end it will be possible to dine on the spot with a risotto.


  • Full price: CHF 25.–
  • Reduced: CHF 20.– (AAC members, BancaStato card, OASI, Under 26, students, FIT card)

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