Sarebbe una grande idea – Theatre show



Wednesday: 20:00 – 22:00

It would be a great idea brings to the stage the relationship between two brothers, their thirst for success and their ambitions. 

The play begins with the two brothers standing in front of their mother's coffin, in the living room of the house where they grew up. They are waiting for the funeral directors to arrive. The first son, Tony, is a television and reality show host. The second one, Pietro, is a clerk in the lounge department of a suburban fast-food restaurant and the only one of the two to have lived with their mother until her death. 

Tony, before leaving and going back to his life, wants only one thing from his brother: the garage. His mother's garage, sell it and repay a gambling debt. Pietro, on the other hand, wants something else from his brother: to be compensated, somehow, in every way, for everything he has deprived himself of. And he will try different ways, until he becomes similar to him, if not worse, and proposes to him "a great idea"!

A Cholstomer Collective production.

The performance will be followed by an open dialogue with the artists.

Afterwards, it will be possible to dine on the spot with a risotto.


  • Full price: CHF 25.–
  • Reduced: CHF 20.– (AAC members, BancaStato card, OASI, Under 26, students, FIT card)

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