Wasted youth and a fistful of ideals



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In the age of endless digital shots, selfies and filters that give a distorted image of contemporary everyday life from mobile phone screens, the young photographer Federico Hurth has chosen to document in a very direct way a cross-section of young people's lives through analogue photography, using standard 35mm film and compact cameras. 

His images, on which no post-production is applied, render fragments of the life of a burnt-out, or rather 'wasted' youth, to refer to the title of the project chosen by the photographer. 

A Wasted youth who, in response to the confrontation with a reality that is becoming increasingly complex and lacking in prospects, chooses to live off excess and prefers an aesthetic poised between glamour and squalor.

Federico Hurth's photographs are characterised by an intriguing immediacy and by an instinctive and decisive formal research, strongly linked to the revolutionary aesthetics that emerged during the 1990s thanks to the work of a generation of photographers who often, like Hurth, straddled the worlds of fashion and alternative art scenes.

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