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Fabio Calvetti’s solo exhibition in Lugano

Fabio Calvetti, an exponent of the New Italian Figuration, has been called the artist of the silences of the soul. His works are scenic representations of a moment of introspection; so we find ourselves in front of a stage, where actors are a character but also the absence of the same, lowered into an immobile atmosphere, in a moment of suspended life. In the silence of the night, without a precise space-time reference, we are spectators of a moment stolen from intimacy, of a thought, of a memory, of a look turned beyond. Calvetti has been able to create a completely personal and recognizable style, even if clearly legible are the references to two great artists and their themes: Hopper, with his solitude and his incommunicability, and Sironi, with his silences. Recently the artist has introduced in his work "new colors" and a more free compositional mode that make his works classic and contemporary at the same time.


  • Vernissage: Saturday 24.02.2024 – 5:00 pm

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