A hike immersed in nature

Hiking Trail

A perfect excursion for lovers of adventures in nature with the goal of the majestic Monte Boglia.

It takes you from the summit station of the Monte Brè funicular at 933 m.a.s.l. to Monte Boglia, where you can enjoy breath-taking views at 1,516 m.a.s.l. To start the trip, head to the village of Brè and continue up to Alpe Bolla, which you can get to via an easy path through the woods. Once there, you can take a relaxing break, have some refreshments, and watch the animals on the mountain pasture before continuing to the summit of Boglia. From here, continue along a downhill path towards Brè, with an optional break at the Crus viewpoint. Finally, head back to Brè to complete the trip.

There is also a direct but more challenging path from Monte Boglia to the Crus viewpoint.

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  • Height Difference

    Ascent: 811 m
    Descent: 932 m
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  • Durata

    5.0 h

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