From Morcote to Monte San Salvatore, passing through the woods of Monte Arbostora and Parco San Grato.

From Morcote, which can be reached from Lugano either by bus or by boat, you run around Monte Arbostora and then climb in the direction of Torello and Madonna d'Ongero; a route partly on dirt roads, but away from the traffic and into the woods. Continue to Alpe Vicania and then in the direction of Carona, where you can stop at Parco San Grato, a beautiful botanical park with panoramic viewpoints and a restaurant. You then continue in the direction of Ciona, Carabbia and finally Pazzallo, where you can take the Monte San Salvatore funicular down to Paradiso and enjoy a panoramic view of Lugano.

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  • Height Difference

    Ascent: 779 m
    Descent: 583 m
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  • Durata

    3.30 h

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