Grotto all'Elvezia


At the Grotto all’Elvezia of Lamone,  a business lunch or dinner, or with your family or friends, become beautiful and gourmand moments of serenity, far from daily stress. Omar Mazzoleni knows it good: he manages this little point of simplicity with his family. In the little and rustic 30-places room or on the 60-places terrace, you will taste some typical dishes from the local tradition: minestrone, trippa, local charcuterie, fresh or aged cheese. Then the bread cake and the “giambelle”. Everything coming with local wines and a good Barbera, served as well in the “Boccalino”. On Friday home-made gnocchi with tomato sauce, gorgonzola or butter and sage. On Tuesday night puntine, luganighe, luganighette or pig meat with potatoes salad.

Via Serta 2, 6814 Lamone

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