From the small lake of Muzzano to the parks of the city of Lugano, to Monte Brè and its breathtaking view of the Gulf of Lugano.

The route starts on the dirt road along the Muzzano lake, passing Sorengo, the former Capuchin monastery and then into the “Tassino valley” playground, surrounded by greenery. Passing through this scenic Parco Tassino you reach Lugano city centre, where, by running along the lakeside promenade and crossing Parco Ciani you reach the mouth of the Cassarate River where you can stop for a break to admire the view of the Gulf of Lugano. Follow the the river and cross the iron bridge to reach the other side then continue your run along it in the direction of Cassarate. The route continues to the San Michele park: a natural terrace offering a wonderful view of the city of Lugano. After admiring the view, one can choose to continue in the direction of Brè or to descend again to Cassarate, either by running or with the Monte Brè funicular railway.

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  • Height Difference

    Ascent: 260 m
    Descent: 212 m
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  • Durata

    1.40 h

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