• Charming streets and squares, Piazza Riforma

Charming Streets & Squares

The heart of the city beats in Lugano's well-preserved and romantic centre.
Narrow streets and hidden squares are waiting for you.


LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

Lugano’s new cultural centre, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura was created with the aim of adding value to the cultural and artistic life of the city and the region. It is endowed with a concert and theatre hall and a museum, the first in the region designed for this purpose.


Piazza Cioccaro

The Piazza Cioccaro hosted the nursery school for the second half of the nineteenth century, founded in 1844 in Lugano by Filippo Ciani, which remained in operation until 1892.


Piazza della Riforma

With its many bistros and restaurants, Piazza della Riforma is the city’s main place of encounter.


Via Cattedrale

To the West of Piazza Dante and Piazza Cioccaro lies Lugano’s hill. A small altitude difference separates the railroad station from the city centre.


Via Nassa

Via Nassa is one of Lugano’s historical streets - its particular and sophisticated shops will accompany you in your shopping.


Via Pessina

A street in the city centre and one of the main hubs of the business and social life of Lugano, where historic buildings and modern shops of international brands can be found.