• Parco di Villa Saroli
  • Parco di Villa Saroli
  • Parco di Villa Saroli
  • Parco di Villa Saroli
  • Parco di Villa Saroli


Parco di Villa Saroli

The small botanical jewel with its wide range of flora is a typical example of sub-tropical vegetation.

The villa is in the middle of Lugano. It is a green island for the children and for all those who want to enjoy a bit of peace in the middle of the frenetic activity of the heart of the city of Lugano. To the north of the park is a ‘greenhouse’ – the "Limonaia", with ample south-facing arched windows completely smothered in sweet smelling evergreen jasmine. Todday the "Limonaia" is used as an exhibition space for temporary art exhibitions. The park’s history is closely linked to that of the villa. Before the Saroli family owned the villa it was known as villa Enderlin, after the family who built it in 1904. Architect designed by Giuseppe Pagani, the building was originally neo-gothic. From the vegetation, the park itself is studded with wonderful century-old trees such as the evergreen magnolia, the silver cedar, Gingko biloba, honey locusts and valuable conifers. There’s also a rare example of Californian Bay and a group of trees made up of antique varieties of camellia, rhododendron, azalea and dogwood.


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  1. Contact

    Parco di Villa Saroli
    Viale Stefano Franscini 9, Centro città
    6900 Lugano

  2. Notes

    Suggested period: alla the year
    Lenght of visit: 1/2 h
    Dogs: on the lead
    Accessibility with bike: no
    Playground: yes
    Pic-nic area: no
    Restaurant/Bar: yes, close to the park
    It's not allowed to pick up flowers and fruits

  3. Altitude

    273 m

  4. Opening

    Open all year
    Open all days

  5. Prices

    Free entry
    Entry to park: Free
    Guided visit: No

  6. Access to the disabled
    • Difficult access
    • Restroom with wheelchair accessible (WC)