Publibike – Bike Sharing

Below we propose some easy cycling itineraries, which will allow you to discover the Lugano region and its scenic beauty. From the Lugano lakefront, to the panoramic viewpoints such as Monte Brè and the most unspoilt and remote areas such as Capriasca and the fascinating Malcantone, discover the wonders of the area in harmony with the environment.

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For unmarked itineraries along the routes, download/print the maps and/or GPX data. The free SwitzerlandMobility application, with active GPS tracking, allows you to always know where you are on a digital topographic map.


These routes are also particularly designed to be easily accessible to those who want to take advantage of the PubliBike bike sharing network. A practical bike rental service, it's the ideal solution to get around avoiding the problems of traffic and parking, and now also inviting to discover the natural beauty of the Lugano region. These small and handy city bikes have an aluminium frame with structural limits, they are not damped and have limited power (be careful of the slow ascent). Today the PubliBike network offers an increasing number of rental stations and bicycles, both electric and traditional. At the end of 2020 the network includes 52 stations scattered throughout the Lugano area and 450 bicycles (50% electric).


How bike sharing works

You can use the PubliBike application to locate the location closest to you. Once you have found your bike, you can unlock it using your smartphone or SwissPass (provided the subscription is registered on your card). Once the journey is over, the bike can be returned to any location in the area. The bikesharing system is active 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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