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Transporting bicycles on public transport

The transport of bicycles is subject to limitations. Not all companies guarantee transport. It is advisable to plan ahead.
Planning your trip with public transport

Post Bus/Bus

Post Bus: Bicycles can be transported on the condition that there is sufficient space and that passengers are not disadvantaged in any way. There are a limited number of places available and it is advisable to inquire in advance!

Ticino Region information:
+41 840 852 852

Further information:

TPL (Transport Public Luganesi): Transport of bicycles is not permitted.

ARL (Bus Regional Luganesi):

Mon-Fri 9.00-15.30 and 19.30-01.30

No restrictions or holidays
Transport only if there is sufficient space, giving priority to the user, wheelchairs, strollers, etc.

Maximum 2 bikes per bus.

Further information:

Gondola lifts

Monte Tamaro:
Take advantage of RailAway and Arcobaleno offers only available to visitors that use public transport to get to the Tamaro.

Monte Brè:
N.B.: Bicycles can only be transported between Suvigliana and Monte Bre! Rent a mountain bike at the summit.

Monte Lema:

San Salvatore: transport of bicycles is not permitted.

Lake Lugano

Bicycles can be transported.


SBB: Bicycles can be transported.

FLP (Ferrovia Lugano – Ponte Tresa): Bicycles can be transported.