• Lugano by airplane

Lugano by Airplane

Lugano – Agno Airport

The airport of Lugano, which is situated South of the Alps between Zürich and Milan, has two main functions. The first is that of ensuring fast connections between the Insubric region and the main Swiss and European centres; the second is that of making the region easily accessible both to the numerous tourists and businessmen.

  • Easy parking
  • The airport infrastructure is small and convenient and well suited to the requirements of airline traffic
  • Short boarding times

Connections to Lugano


An efficient 24 hrs. on 24 hrs. TAXI service guarantees a fast and efficient connection to the Lugano City Centre in about 20 minutes.
Taxi Lugano-Airport. Phone +41 91 605 25 10

Pick-up Hotels

Many hotels offer their guests free transportation to and from the airport; ask your hotel for information and inform them of your arrival.

Shuttle Bus

From Lugano-Airport there is a convenient shuttle bus to reach the city centre.

Shuttle Bus Service

Phone +41 79 221 42 43 -

JetCar Rent

Phone +41 91 600 26 27 -

VIP Helicopter / Jet Charter Business


Via Aeroporto, 6982 Agno, Switzerland
Phone: +41 91 751 10 00 -

Milano – Malpensa Airport

Useful information if you are planning to arrive at Milan-Malpensa. Lugano si only 1 hour away.

This international airport is situated in the area between Busto Arsizio, Gallarate and the Ticino River. It is at about 48 Km from the centre of Milan and at about 60 Km from that of Lugano (Switzerland). The fact that Malpensa is situated in one of the most industrialized area of Europe makes it the ideal crossroads for intense market flows. Today, the opening of the new airport ensures an elevated number of national, European and intercontinental flights. Malpensa is a new hub, a great pole of attraction and sorting centre both for air, road and railroad traffic, which is targeted towards the new century.

Connections to Lugano


Taxi docks are located at the arrivals, ground floor, output port 6 of Terminal 1 and door 4 of Terminal 2.

Shuttle Bus

Malpensa Airport is also served daily by a Shuttle Bus to Chiasso, Mendrisio and Lugano. Detailed information on timetable and ticket prices may be found on the web site of the promoting company:

Malpensa-express - Giosy Tours SA