Sustainability certifications

Find out how to recognise dishes prepared with local products, how to combat food waste, and learn about the various labels and certifications of our partners who are committed to a more sustainable future. Thanks to these programmes, organising a holiday that respects the environment, the economy and local community will be even easier!


The new Label of Switzerland Tourism, resulting from the combination of the words "Swiss" and "Sustainable" and was created as part of the new tourism strategy, the main objective of which is to make Switzerland the most sustainable destination in the world.


OK:GO is an initiative of the association Switzerland without Barriers (FVBS) which aims to provide information about the accessibility of Swiss tourist offers. OK:GO enables visitors with special needs to get more information about accessibility and thus to better plan their trip.


Too Good To Go is an app created to reduce food waste that allows you to buy surplus food from participating restaurants and shops at a reduced price. By downloading the app, you can view the partners in the region who have decided to act against food waste.


Ticino a Tavola (Ticino at the Table) is an initiative coordinated by GastroTicino through the Centro di Competenza Agroalimentare (CCA) and supported by the Canton as part of the New Regional Policy. Through collaboration with the Unione Contadini Ticinesi and supermarket chains, the project aims to promote local products and the restaurants that use them to cook delicious dishes.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 sets out the criteria and requirements that an organisation should follow to implement an efficient environmental management system that allows it to measure and improve its environmental impact.


The project Ticino a te, created by the CCAT - Centro di Competenze Agroalimentari Ticino with the support of the Cantonal Department of Finance and Economy, aims to enhance the value of agricultural products in the region - in particular those of the brand Ticino regio.garantie - and help the consumer in the purchase of these products directly from the producer.


The hotels in the region belonging to the Accor group have joined the Planet 21 initiative, which aims to establish objectives to be achieved on various sustainability issues.