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Cima di Porlezza (Italia)

La Musa Restaurant & Rooftop Terrace

The restaurant "La Musa Restaurant & Rooftop Terrace" offers a sophisticated culinary experience to all senses in an elegant and exclusive ambience.

The menu of "La Musa Restaurant & Rooftop Terrace" is designed to provide a unique dining experience of contemporary high cuisine, a perfect combination of fine recipes and a rich wine selection designed to satisfy the connoisseurs and to tease the curious.

Savor your meal at the restaurant "La Terrazza"! The opening hours are from 7:00 to 9:30 pm, March to January.


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    La Musa Restaurant & Rooftop Terrace
    Località Cini 29
    22010 Cima di Porlezza (Italia)
    +39 0344 629 132