Thomas Huber – On Perspective. Selected works from 2012 to 2020



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Thomas Huber's solo exhibition, "On Perspective," will open at Kromya Art Gallery on October 24, in collaboration with Ditesheim & Maffei Fine Art. The artist's major themes will be represented in 20 oil paintings and watercolors created from 2012 to 2020. 

While Huber's works seem accessible at first glance, they actually depict a world that's more dreamlike than reality. Huber's work takes perspective beyond simple visual rendering and depth to explore new meanings. 

Architecture plays a key role in the artist's creative process. Indeed, Huber depicts spaces that evoke both the classical and the utopian, imbuing them with a mystical aura and enhancing the viewer's experience. For example, the oil on panel "Besucherandrang '' shows an architectural section repeated three times from different perspectives. Huber's paintings create spaces that reveal other spaces, generating multiple perspectives within the same space, such as the oil on canvas "Atelier Negativ."

Additionally, Huber carefully considers where he will display his artworks: "Massgaben," depicting a room full of paintings Huber actually made, suggests that painted space can prevail over physical space. The exhibition places strong emphasis on the theme of "Aushub" (excavations), featuring watercolors depicting empty easels and piles of paint materials, which represent the artist's creative visions and ideas.

Furthermore, the exhibition features a significant number of works that address a topic close to the artist's heart: water and how it can reveal otherwise hidden details. "Intérieur mit Schiff" depicts Thomas Huber's lakeside residence from both the inside and outside of Lake Maggiore. It is an early example of the "Lago Maggiore" series, created between 2021 and 2023, currently on display at MASI Lugano until January 2024.

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