Crotto dei Tigli


Il Crotto dei Tigli is located under the green hill of Sant'Antonio di Balerna, in an old rustico Ticino house.


Inside, a living room with 30 seats with untreated terracotta floors and a beautiful room with a fireplace always access the winter from 15 seats.
Outside, for the summer, there is a magnificent pergola of American grapes.


The kitchen, managed by Chef Claudio Panzeri, is based on classic Ticino and Lombard cuisine. The menu never fails to include potato dumplings, baked rabbit, braised beef and porcini mushrooms. Served with local polenta.


To accompany these classic fragrances Claudio proposes daily off the menu. Modern and freshly prepared dishes. In the style of "little but excellent quality" follows the wine cellar. The many labels of the territory and some excellent Italian products stand out.

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