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Mountain Bike – Monte Brè – Alpe Bolla – Brè

Brè Bike – Nr. 356

Itinerary on the outskirts of Lugano sheltered from the noises of the city. You can take a pleasant ride from the town taking the funicular railway up the majestic Monte Brè. From there you’ll pass through both its woods and those of Monte Boglia.

The tour takes place mainly on wide footpaths or on unpaved roads.

Monte Brè constitutes an excellent start to the excursion thanks to the panoramic view which embraces the whole Lugano area. The lovely village of Brè harmoniously combines the typical traditional Ticinese character with modern art: its centre is in fact characterised by an "artistic decor" made up of modern art works of 22 artists recognised at both national and international level.

Leaving Brè village behind, warm up those muscles while heading towards the first stage of the tour: the woodlands; the scenery that will accompany us for almost the whole day. After a short and steep stretch the easiest part of the route begins, following the single trail leading to Alpe Bolla, a retreat located at the foot of Monte Boglia against a pleasant, cozy and sunny backdrop. This is the middle of the route. Adjacent to the retreat lies Alpe Bolla where you can buy local dairy products and see the local herd animals (hens, cows and pigs).

It departs once again for Cureggia, following the path formed mainly by unpaved roads. The descent arrives at Vallà and then rises up to the village of Cureggia from where you take the single trail to return to Brè and conclude this excursion on the slopes of Monte Boglia.

Advice for those who return by funicular railway: before leaving the summit, you might consider relaxing comfortably while seated on one of the terraces of the restaurants of Monte Brè and enjoy the light play that the sunset offers?

Information for e-MTB: link to the map containing the positions of the charging stations along the route!
With indicative times adapted to the electric MTB.

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15.7 km

Length of which unsurfaced

12 km (12 of 15.7)

Length of which Singletrail

5 km (5 of 12)

Height difference

Monte Brè – Monte Brè: 637 m
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Monte Brè – Monte Brè: 2 h 15'



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    1. The Cassarate funicular station does not transport bicycles, therefore use the intermediate station of Suvigliana
    2. To return in the direction of Lugano in bicycle, we advise you to follow the unpaved road indicated as a hiking trail which, from Brè, goes in the direction of Aldesago (yellow arrow)

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