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Mountain Bike – Bidogno – Capanna Bar – Bidogno

Monte Bar Bike – Nr. 358

A panoramic tour in the hills where you come across pastures, a typical Alpine hut, a lodge, a farm and a mountain meadow. This is one of the classic mountain bike paths of the Lugano region situated on the slopes of Monte Bar, where there’s an alpine hut with the same name, with “Bike Friendly” services.

The itinerary begins at Bidogno. Following the asphalt road that climbs a height difference of 600 meters uphill along a 6.7 km route up to the wonderful viewpoint: il Motto della Croce.

1,4 km away from the halfway point of il Motto della Croce is the farmhouse, the agriturismo Alpe Rompiago, the first possible stop of this excursion. Shortly after is the beginning of the unpaved road that passes by the aforementioned Monte Bar alpine hut and which leads to Piandanazzo, a place for an ideal break.

From here you take a single trail that leads down to the road below which you follow under Alpe Musgatina then back on track towards il Motto della Croce and return to Bidogno.

The destination of the route, the Monte Bar alpine hut, is located on a rounded mountain of exceptional beauty. The hut enjoys a magnificent 180-degree view that sweeps from Mount Gazzirola, Denti della Vecchia, the Lugano basin and then to the mountains of Malcantone to Monte Tamaro. To the west the view falls upon the imposing 4000 metre Valais Alps, the Mischabel range and Monte Rosa.

Alpe Rompiago — Caution: presence of protection dogs in the area.

Information for e-MTB: link to the map containing the positions of the charging stations along the route!
With indicative times adapted to the electric MTB.

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22.2 km

Length of which unsurfaced

7 km (7 of 22.2)

Length of which Singletrail

3 km (3 of 7)

Height difference

Bidogno – Bidogno: 916 m
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  1. Notes


    1. There are several possibilities for an overnight stay, in running order: the agriturismo Alpe Rompiago farmhouse, the Monte Bar alpine hut and the Tassera lodge.
    2. If you have your own vehicle there is the possibility to save the first 3.5 km ascent and reach the barrier of Borisio where there is a small designated area with around ten parking spaces. (Note: From Somazzo onwards the road begins to become slightly uneven).

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