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Mountain Bike – Bogno – San Lucio – Bogno

Val Colla Bike – Nr. 360

This is a circular panoramic itinerary, a classic and much loved by mountain bikers! It reaches a typical mountainous region with an astonishing array of flora, fauna and geology. The route is well provided for by three refreshment facilities.

It is a mountain bike excursion that begins in Bogno and that, with an alternation of tracks on both paved and unpaved roads, allowing you to warm up those muscles gently crossing the valley bottom.

The steepest part of the itinerary, with a height difference of 340 metres, starts at Cimadera, crosses the woods and brings you ideally to the hospitable Capanna Pairolo. From here you continue initially along a single trail, which represents the last part which is immersed in the woods, and subsequently onto the unpaved road that leads to Bocchetta di San Bernardo. The area of Fojorina is very particular: many limestone rocks emerge from the soil. Follow the road and keeping left you go toward the Capanna del San Lucio. At this Alpine hut you can enjoy traditional cuisine, admire the view of Val Colla and of the nearby Italian valleys.  Accommodation is also available. Other accommodations are: Agriturismo Alpe Cottino, 5 minutes by bicycle from San Lucio, and the near Italian mountain refuge. The panorama? Surprise yourself.

San Lucio and Alpe Pietrarossa find themselves at least at same altitude. The 5.5 km single trail which connects the two leads one to believe that the path is relatively flat. This is only partially true: the first stretch of the path is in fact distinguished by a succession of small descents and short ascents and valleys containing various streams. Despite the unevenness of the ground this remains a beautiful itinerary, and is much appreciated also by hikers, as, avoiding wooded areas, it enjoys a view over the valley.

After Alpe Pietrarossa, where you can buy local products, the first 180 metres extend down to a steep and technically difficult unpaved road. Following this you head towards Barchi di Colla on a road, this time pleasantly unpaved, and then return to Bogno via a paved road.

Information for e-MTB: link to the map containing the positions of the charging stations along the route!
With indicative times adapted to the electric MTB.

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27.4 km

Length of which unsurfaced

19.8 km (19.8 of 27.4)

Length of which Singletrail

8.9 km (8.9 of 19.8)

Height difference

Bogno – Bogno: 1158 m
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Bogno – Bogno: 4 h 15'



  1. Notes


    1. On the single trail between San Lucio and Alpe Pietrarossa, in addition to using extreme prudence, it is recommended to give precedence to those who travel on foot.
    2. Take note: The stretch of the route between Bocchetta di San Bernardo and San Lucio is in Italy, carry identity documents.

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